Ranked not competative. Then what is?

Seems like my early post was removed, So as said in that post, I have been in bronz for 3 years now and nodiesed taht the players there dont really know anything about this game or how to play as a team. The ranked lacks everything from competative players all the way down to basic teamplay in late, what is the reason for that ranked is not as competative as it was back in season 3? Is riot trying to get player's to quit the game or is ranked not competative any more, If ranked is not competative then how does one get to play competative in this game? Or is it just comon in the lower elo's that teams dont play the game competativaly? And if a player who playes the game just for competative and plans on quitting due to unsatisfaction is there passable to get a refund for all the RP he purched and used for his acount to spend the money on competative games?

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