Surrender button is useless most of the time, if you go AFK, it's even worse for you.

No, I am not that one noob who types /ff every game, actually most of the time I don't even think about it, but why people are so reluctant to surrender when it's lost? I had one afk since the start of the game, was feeding myself (not intentional, just noob) and wanted to surrender but team just talks shit and how it's possible to win 4v5 (HELL I WISH PEOPLE IN RANKED WERE LIKE THAT), which was actual 3v5 as I am useless, I convinced them except one and after we surrendered they just said report taliyah... Since when giving up when it's really lost (and it's normal game, not ranked), not fun at all (for me at least) is reportable and worth flaming me?
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