Riot read my letter Please! (not clickbait trust me)

Riot theres my letter for you! And the others players read this letter! and dont judgme me please Riot, just for your information theres my 3 account permabanned. And i still flaming after my 1st ban. I want to change i do anything for my change behavior of game. But i can't i tried so many techniques to perfomance my behavior. I lost all my friends yes? Yes i lost because iam a trash person. Now theres an opinion about this system: Look if i was u i renovate this system. Because as example of tyler1 wish got 19 accounts permabanned and was still flaming? u know only the caracter of person can stop flaming does not banning him. I would like to do all to stop flaming, but there are tons of people that flame, wish my cancer etc, say ez in game by spamming it. And they are still avaiable for in-game seems iam always catched. And i bet that any person will say less 1! Riot i know u cant do nothing because i wont convince you to unban me! My dream in this game is to be a pro player and recognize the good work from riot. Riot your work is amazing. And most of the prople said its unfair. For me it was tottaly fair! I deserve it. But this game is one of my favourite, but seems i shouldn't play him. Now theres a thing that disturb me Why so many people are flaming and theres only this 0.006% Well as i said riot your game is fantastic your game is trully good. But iam salty every game. Well theres my chat logs as u can see: theres the proff i copied I may be racist in game. But iam not like this person in real life i respect all kind of person. They arent difference. Just the physic things. Game 1 DyogoCosta: amumu DyogoCosta: get DyogoCosta: fucking DyogoCosta: cancer DyogoCosta: ;D DyogoCosta: jk DyogoCosta: tristana DyogoCosta: good itens DyogoCosta: focus adc DyogoCosta: ok? DyogoCosta: and stay behiund minions DyogoCosta: do u have money for bf? DyogoCosta: tristana DyogoCosta: a guinsos rageblade DyogoCosta: will be good DyogoCosta: after infinity DyogoCosta: and the cannon DyogoCosta: stfu DyogoCosta: maybe he reconnect DyogoCosta: amumu DyogoCosta: when top roam DyogoCosta: go top farm DyogoCosta: tristana DyogoCosta: do u know DyogoCosta: hum DyogoCosta: playing behind the minions? DyogoCosta: FUCXKING NOOB DyogoCosta: i dont supp u DyogoCosta: i dont supp any idiot adc DyogoCosta: omg quinn DyogoCosta: go top DyogoCosta: are u fucking brainded? DyogoCosta: u only care about kills DyogoCosta: french DyogoCosta: gg DyogoCosta: surrender DyogoCosta: srruy for saly DyogoCosta: lol DyogoCosta: stay top and dont exit!´~ DyogoCosta: omg tristana DyogoCosta: u cant attacjk them? DyogoCosta: poke? DyogoCosta: jesus christ DyogoCosta: surrender DyogoCosta: this team is horrible and give me diseases DyogoCosta: ok DyogoCosta: bye DyogoCosta: ryze DyogoCosta: u got boosted DyogoCosta: u do 0 in game DyogoCosta: and i dont play with premades DyogoCosta: wish doesnt even know DyogoCosta: fucking play ryze DyogoCosta: most ezz champ DyogoCosta: so bye DyogoCosta: lol quinn DyogoCosta: srry not to be racist DyogoCosta: but frenchs DyogoCosta: are DyogoCosta: fucking DyogoCosta: bad DyogoCosta: at league DyogoCosta: proff? DyogoCosta: ryze DyogoCosta: thats a good excuse DyogoCosta: i also disconect DyogoCosta: u want see? DyogoCosta: then if i reconect i say lag DyogoCosta: quinn DyogoCosta: we go next alone DyogoCosta: we cant play with unrankeds DyogoCosta: its a bad thing DyogoCosta: then they will play on silver DyogoCosta: and fuck the enmy team DyogoCosta: gg DyogoCosta: no one follows DyogoCosta: as i said DyogoCosta: bye DyogoCosta: u dont need me DyogoCosta: dude DyogoCosta: i checked ur profile DyogoCosta: and u bronze 5 DyogoCosta: quinn DyogoCosta: why DyogoCosta: just why invite this cancer player? DyogoCosta: because hes your premade school tea friend? DyogoCosta: WHY I shound't with a person like u? DyogoCosta: evem a,mumu DyogoCosta: that doint have kda DyogoCosta: i love players like amumu DyogoCosta: no smite DyogoCosta: and still does more than ryze DyogoCosta: ok delete him DyogoCosta: less 1 Game 2 DyogoCosta: tham DyogoCosta: only mr itens DyogoCosta: magic resist DyogoCosta: and 1 armor xD DyogoCosta: shaco DyogoCosta: do crits DyogoCosta: pls DyogoCosta: u know we can lose? DyogoCosta: stop trow DyogoCosta: all togheter DyogoCosta: shaco DyogoCosta: shaco DyogoCosta: go afl DyogoCosta: ur uselessa DyogoCosta: shaco is useless champ DyogoCosta: u picked him DyogoCosta: no DyogoCosta: w DyogoCosta: we need is to stop troying DyogoCosta: they can win the game DyogoCosta: baron DyogoCosta: yup we lost DyogoCosta: jinx ur bad DyogoCosta: srsly DyogoCosta: we lsot cause u DyogoCosta: congratz report shaco and jinx DyogoCosta: shaco DyogoCosta: ur useless DyogoCosta: u dont deal damage DyogoCosta: u die in 0.2 seconds DyogoCosta: lux DyogoCosta: whyu are u taking all the damage? DyogoCosta: ok u dont need me DyogoCosta: ill be afk DyogoCosta: u are only acre about report DyogoCosta: and u dont listen me DyogoCosta: lux take all the ultis DyogoCosta: shes not tank DyogoCosta: and ur feeding DyogoCosta: idc if i lost DyogoCosta: cause shaco and jinx DyogoCosta: nice DyogoCosta: i want lost DyogoCosta: jinx learn how to posisionate DyogoCosta: in teamfight DyogoCosta: dude DyogoCosta: how we can win DyogoCosta: with an lux that dont know to posicionate DyogoCosta: iam afk as jinx says DyogoCosta: we lost more fastger DyogoCosta: yes iam noob. ok DyogoCosta: go win alone DyogoCosta: you dont need me DyogoCosta: dont talk shit spanish language DyogoCosta: u cant win withoute me :) Game 3 DyogoCosta: ty xin DyogoCosta: useless cancer player DyogoCosta: we lost bot cause xin DyogoCosta: they did drake DyogoCosta: again a jungler that dont care about drakes DyogoCosta: irelia from? DyogoCosta: spanish? gg we lost DyogoCosta: france? gg we lost DyogoCosta: germany ? GG WE lost DyogoCosta: enough to said u got boosted until silver DyogoCosta: why did u care? DyogoCosta: xin DyogoCosta: gank u cancer DyogoCosta: press q to win right nasus? DyogoCosta: np irelia and xin are premades DyogoCosta: no u dindt DyogoCosta: and u can go afk DyogoCosta: ur useless to team DyogoCosta: ok :() DyogoCosta: irelia DyogoCosta: srsly that u lose 2 towers DyogoCosta: so bad DyogoCosta: report irelia and xin for premades, boosting and feeding DyogoCosta: nice ss fizz DyogoCosta: iam only toxic DyogoCosta: because silver isnt an ello for u DyogoCosta: u dont even know what is an aa DyogoCosta: and u cante ven gank Riot i love your game and i love your contect. The ban was fair your system works. Wells seems is time to say goodbye Bye Riot. Bye league of legends One day. And at least this is not to convince you ! But to say what i feel at the moment! I wish good luck to all players, and be happy with future games ! u can add me from steam: DyogoCosta HD i will be play some robocraft and cs:go! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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