quiting game cuz of the %%%%%%ed champions around

i came to a decision to quit this game just because of the champions. i dont even wanna talk about balance. cuz riot doesnt know what that means/ riot is just fckin %%%%%%ed. the stunns of some champions like lux.. seriously no skill required to play the champ. its just spamming your Q untill you hit a champion and then oneshot it with your E and R. litteraly all game the same its just.. the only thing that champion can do. you cant make any plays with it and there are tons of other champions like that. its litteraly just abilty spamming until you can dive finally. but the thing is: imagine if ur playing azir against veigar early. azir is a skill champ and veigar is a.. yeah. not really a skill champ. i can use 600 mana on veigar all my skillshots every basic attack and veigar will lose 70% hp. while veigar can just trap you with his E you cant do shit for 3 seconds if he has placed that and then just oneshot you with his ult. all of that and he will just lose 200 mana. worst of all is you cant get mad. cuz you will get banned instantly. you cant tell your opinion like 'what an shit champ' or 'this game is trash' cuz you will get banned instantly. now i know this will get alot of downvotes cuz i putted it on boards. but if i place it on reddit the idiotic administrator there will delete it cuz it is a negative fact about riot. here are people with no logic. people on boards can even argue about soraka vs veigar mid. and will say that those 2 champs are strong enough to fight each other. all riot supporters. but i just wanna see the opinion of idiots around here. what do yall think? and btw if yall gonna say 'you didnt play for months' this aint my main account so stfu
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