ALREADY BANNED ? PLAYING ON SECOND ACCOUNT LIKE ME BUT STILL WANT TO FLAME TROLLS? GETTING CHAT RESTRICTIONS FOR "FRIENDLY" FLAME ? NOT A PROBLEM MATE , YOU COME IN GOOD PLACE . 1ST LINK OF MY GAME WHERE I GET CHAT RESTRICTION ON NEW ACCOUNT Game 1 Pre-Game Styros: i guess its premade trolls? Styros: i think its premade trolls Styros: as i said before Styros: just reports man In-Game Styros: no Styros: this team blast my report buttom Styros: agree Styros: nice farming Styros: sec Styros: i mute Styros: btw Styros: clowns Styros: on bot and mid Styros: you killed me Styros: yes Styros: know why ? Styros: because you clowns ping Styros: i miss click flash Styros: its 1st Styros: 2nd Styros: while i gank Styros: you afk farm Styros: 1hp kata Styros: enjoy rep Styros: with bot lane clown Styros: better mid won Styros: ok Styros: i'm mid now Styros: more pings Styros: all pings muted Styros: now we double mid Styros: and you are 14 day ban Styros: enjoy Styros: better mid won Styros: fun fact Styros: he flaming now Styros: :) Styros: flame more zed :) Styros: he is so toxic :( Styros: honor mid :) Styros: he can't Styros: he flame full game in our chat Styros: and honor zed, he is good :) Styros: nah zed is better Styros: yes :) Styros: pyke i'm not zed Styros: agree :) Styros: crippling strike Styros: 1166 Styros: atleast we have good mid :) Styros: and honor zed :) Styros: he won mid :) I DON'T CARE ABOUT CHAT RESTRICTION, KNOW WHY? BECAUSE HERE IS GUIDE HOW TO AVOID IT. 1st GO IN LEAGUE OF LEGENDS FOLDER> CONFIG AND OPEN PersistedSettings IN NOTEPAD. NEXT CLICK CTRL + F AND SEARCH "CHAT" SCROLL DOWN UNTIL YOU FIND "CHAT SCALE" EXAMPLE https://i.imgur.com/RMRqVyP.png IN VALUE WRITE -150 AND SAVE. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BELOW FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN NOT SAVE FILE CHANGES --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IF IT NOT SAVED UNCHECK ON LEAGUE OF LEGENDS FOLDER "READ ONLY". IF THE FILE IS NOT SAVED EVERY TIME AFTER THE ENTRANCE OF THE GAME THEN OPEN THE PersistedSettings AND MAKE THE MOST THAT I WRITE UP TO THIS BUT AFTER SAVING THE FILE TURN ON THE FILE "READ ONLY" (If you click on the file> properties> read only check mark). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DONE. IF IT WORKS YOU CAN'T SEE CHAT BECAUSE ITS SCALED TO INVISIBLE BUT ITS STILL WORK, SO NO CHAT NO FLAME NO BANS BECAUSE OF TOXIC {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} HF MATE . DOWN VOTE IF LIKE IT , DOWN VOTE IF NOTE , I DON'T CARE BUT FOR SOME PEOPLES ITS HELP
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