Dishonorable (LVL 0) to Honorable Timeline

Hello Everyone, I would like to initially point out that this post comes from me researching and going through the forums for a couple of days to end up with no information regarding my topic. If there were, please link it as a reply to this thread. :) For the past 2 months (I think), I have been at honor level 0. I had received a 14 day ban and my honor was dropped to zero. I am not going to talk about the reason and rant as to why i am innocent etc. Yes, I have flamed but honestly, not the abusive stuff that i do see very often in my games. I have called people noobs, F%%%ers, etc. Nothing above this which would call upon my loved ones or self harm etc. Those type of insults i stay away from. Ignoring the fact that the ban was needed or not, I have reformed as much as i can. I have disabled all chat, moved the chat box all the way to the side and sometimes even communicate to use pings in chat as I am muting my team as well. i.e /muteall. I initially started out this way to a point where i would just have team chat on now. This was a personal decision to play league this way so that I can rectify any issues that the riot systems had against my behavior. I had the lock unlocked from my honor level and I am still in honor 0 with no progress in checkpoints as well. Is there any way to know how we have progressed or when we can obtain the next checkpoint. Throughout the forums i see people complaining that the system is broken and whoever drops to honor 0 will never see honor 1 again. Is that true? There are people who have been seeking the first checkpoints towards honor 1 for a year and had not received it. I have been working on my games to be a more positive player, I have been honored 1 of 2 or 3 games and still no results. Could I have a more clear understanding of how progress is made when one is deemed 'dishonorable'. My account has been available from 2010 onwards and honestly i love playing the game. Yes, i may have crossed the line in some chats and i will acknowledge that. I am not perfect. I spent my time and effort on this account and i would to get back to honor 3 and get my season rewards. Am i doomed to never be honorable again? When the system passes judgement to someone as dishonorable, is he dishonorable forever till the season ends? Can i not have any idea of how much progress I made. I just feel this is very counter intuitive. If a person has been deemed dishonorable, he may try his best to back on the better side like i did. But those people who have been trying for a year and end up with no results, they may get annoyed and go back to their dishonorable ways which in turn could mean that the account gets permanently banned. Does being dishonorable mean its the slow and sure death of accounts? If so, then the honor system is basically a superior judgement tool that when you are sentenced, you are going to lose your account soon. I would love to hear from someone who has more detailed information about this or from anyone who have made it out of dishonorable and the steps he did so that I too can follow in those footsteps and be a better player. {{champion:201}}
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