Social experiment.

Me and a friend of mine were discussing game tactics and the psychological side of the game. Riot claims that people that work with their teams win 30% more games. I believe that they are right. But in order for that to work you need to have a team that listens to imput of each other without being offended or reacting like a d... So we sat down and started thinking of ways to bring up points of criticisms without being negative. We believe that the male gamer changes a 180 degrees when a women is involved. In light of this, the best we could come up with is changing our names in to something more female and pretending that we are girls, to see how this impacts on reactions to our play. We will start this experiment a couple of days from now. If people have any thoughts on this then pls share it with us. We would be very interested to hear! If this turns out to be somewhat succesfull then we will start streaming the process for entertainments sake.
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