For all those who complain about people telling one another to "Kay YS"

If you need some enlightening over someone who told you to "kill oneself" in game you have come to the right place I recently got banned for saying %%%, and I checked what the forums were saying about this specific word and it came to my surprise that a lot of people were complaining that people do not get punishments for telling people aggressively to kill themselves. Now I understand the sensitivity of the Internet slang word and how people use it to be negative and aggressively flame while in game. If you have no faith in the Riot reporting system or the instant feedback report system then I am here to say you are underestimating them, and from where I stand with this you might think I overestimate them Bare in mind I have had no past bans for toxic behavior throughout the three years I have played League See below: [0:56] Train bud (Taliyah): %%% [1:03] Train bud (Taliyah): %%% Game 1 Train bud: no Train bud: %%% Train bud: %%% Train bud: holy shity Train bud: lol Train bud: what am i doing Train bud: im trolling] Train bud: wtf Train bud: happened to rengar Train bud: why didnt you give me mid Train bud: i didnt think i was actually going top when i picked this Train bud: can i mid next game Train bud: for real Train bud: lol Train bud: never Train bud: i get it Train bud: your a meta slave Train bud: I'm your %%%%% Train bud: ? Train bud: @???? Train bud: rengar top is meta slave Train bud: what top? Train bud: %%%%# Train bud: you expose ne# Train bud: taliyah top sucks Yes I typed "%%%" twice but here is the thing. 1. There is no context as to why I typed it within the chat logs, on my team or in all chat, so I could have literally just typed it randomly and no one took offence or reported me for it because they were all premade with me 2. I was typing it sarcastically because I was muted within a discord I was in, and they were in my game so I used my chat for sarcasm essentially 3. Minions literally haven't spawned, no one has said anything, and no one has died. So there is literally nothing here that would potentially provoke negative or aggressive behavior because nothing has gone wrong within the game If Riot are looking at the chat logs for that game, it suggests that I randomly typed "no" and "%%%", "%%%" for no apparent reason Even though there is no context and no response from anyone, and no one on my team reported me for saying "%%%" Now I would have understood and got the message if they have given me a chat restriction for saying it, I do not like to negatively impact games like that and I wouldn't tell anyone to actually kill themselves as they may take it the wrong way, but I know my friends would know I don't mean it, its fair to say riot would have sent a fair message to me if I had been given a chat restriction, telling me that I cannot use that word in any context within the game chat But I got a straight 14 day ban, essentially for sarcasm While I admit Joking about suicide is be insensitive and is a big controversy, there's one thing to joke and the other to flame people to tell them to %%% and having someone type it throughout the game as reassurance they should actually end themselves So next time you see someone tell you to %%% and you're sitting there thinking "Jeez why don't these people get banned" Just refer to this thread, I got banned for saying it twice, I wasn't saying it in all chat, I wasn't saying it to offend or imply that someone within my team/discord (slash my own friends) should actually kill themselves Trust me if the instant feedback report system is this harsh they are probably going to get banned to
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