I'm just in shock ! Riot, do something already !!!!!!!!!!

I’m just in shock, I don’t know how to play this game further. People just literally quit the game, or afk, other players feed the enemy, and write so that the enemies write complaints about me when I ask them not to feed. This game has turned into a piece of shit! You do not believe me ? Well, look at my last 5 games! In 1 game, Yasuo just ran and died. When we wrote to him “don’t feed the enemy”, he simply ignored and ran towards the base and died. In the second game, I was a little luckier. The dude was not given the center line, but he swiftly took Swain and after loading, got up afk, we / remake. In the third game, I again ran into a player who was not given the middle line, and he also take Swain to the bottom line and began to feed the enemy. In the fourth game, my ADC just, took and stood afk. In the fifth game, on the middle line stood TF who used his ult to die. Guys, I seriously, this is not a joke, I have all the games in history. Check out my latest ranked games. If you do not believe me. How to play this game at all, I'm just in shock! People just get up afk, or leave the game, or begin to feed the enemy. And if I ask them not to feed the enemy and troll, they write in a general chat to file a complaint against me that I am TOXIC. This is just some kind of absurdity, and the rivals believe them because they think that I really insult him because of his statistics. How to play this game, I'm just in shock. people are not afraid of punishment at all, even more, they provoke other players to send a complaint against other players. The game was turned into a search for normal team, if you were not lucky, then you lost. Sorry to say that, but I can’t play 1v9. Riot, I'm serious, I know you don't care about us, but watch my last 5 games, you won't regret it. And put yourself in my place, how do I feel ? ____________________________________________________________________ _**Added after 2 days of discussion.**_ As I see, many people understand me, and this topic is really very subtle, but someone, again, found a reason to troll. Do not focus attention on what happened to me, this is just an example. And the rating here is not the main factor, there was a similar topic before me, there a person played in Diamond. The only thing I wanted to say is that people are not afraid of punishment for what they do. AFK, Feeding the Enemy, Trolling, Leaving the Game. - It should be punished! BUT THE PUNISHMENT SYSTEM WORKS BAD! Because, we see what we see, if it worked as it should, people would not behave like that. p.s. lol, I really wrote many times "I'm shocked" because I was on emotions))
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