Can't even appeal my permanent restriction because "the chat logs are not available anymore"

Wow, seriously? Whether I deserve my ban is another story, let's talk about the system of justice and how i'm not even able to appeal my ban. Was banned roughly 5 years ago, stopped playing the game altogether. A short while ago I decided to check out the game again, and I don't remember being inflammatory or toxic so I decided to log into my banned account to see the chat logs for myself. "Unavailable, please contact support". So I contact them, asking for the chat logs so I can decide whether or not i want to appeal this decision This is their response: Hello! Sweet Helppie here! Pleased to meet you! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm afraid that we cannot process and discuss details about suspensions this old :( as the chat logs are not available anymore. >.<" If you need anything else, reach back to me. I understand Riot are free to do whatever they want, as it's ultimately their game, but how is this fair? This is absolutely outrageous
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