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Yesterday I posted a thread of mine on an other account (Main) where I got 14 day suspension. For absolutely nothing. So i went on my smurf and within the very first game I got a 10 game chat-restriction because two team mates who are premades decided to blame it all on me (the jungler) and afterwards decided to report me for "toxic" behaviour. Well, here's the entire chatlog; Game 1 ninetailedking: hi ninetailedking: i'm a sad mummy ninetailedking: don't leave me please ninetailedking: thnx ryze ninetailedking: YAY! ninetailedking: y ninetailedking: ziggs no heal no f ninetailedking: nop ^^ ninetailedking: yea ninetailedking: calm ur tits ;d ninetailedking: muted xd ninetailedking: gj ninetailedking: next time move out xd ninetailedking: instead of sitting there ninetailedking: wow zyra xD ninetailedking: gj ninetailedking: 30 sec for R ninetailedking: inv ninetailedking: inc ninetailedking: ;d ninetailedking: ziggs no summoners ninetailedking: that cow is ham ninetailedking: lovely ninetailedking: ;d ninetailedking: nah cuz 0 wards ninetailedking: every lane ninetailedking: is ninetailedking: failing ninetailedking: jesus ninetailedking: try ninetailedking: shielding ninetailedking: before ali charges in xd ninetailedking: al she's saying is that fiddle is the one carrying ninetailedking: dat luck..... ninetailedking: 2 ninetailedking: 3* ninetailedking: yo ryze ninetailedking: ever heard of warding? ninetailedking: it costs 75 g ninetailedking: cuz u flashed out ofc xd ninetailedking: how? ninetailedking: cuz no one is contesting + 0 wards ninetailedking: thats how ninetailedking: drakes? ninetailedking: ryze? ninetailedking: drakes? ninetailedking: which drakes ninetailedking: they only have 1 drake xd ninetailedking: how can you lose vs a teemo tho ninetailedking: that's the real question ninetailedking: k ninetailedking: blame ninetailedking: me ninetailedking: goodluck ninetailedking: typical bronz mindset ninetailedking: always blame the jungler xd ninetailedking: now goodluck ninetailedking: aint helping u ninetailedking: y? ninetailedking: zyra ninetailedking: 3 ganks xd ninetailedking: i even gave you a headstart ninetailedking: no summs on him ninetailedking: nah ninetailedking: i dont wanna win ninetailedking: xd ninetailedking: next time dont blame it all on jungler hehe ninetailedking: report zyra and ryze for toxic behaviour psl ninetailedking: constant flaming and blaming ninetailedking: yea yea ninetailedking: yea yea, tribunal will see ninetailedking: yes ninetailedking: i am ninetailedking: what about you ryze ninetailedking: tp ninetailedking: but 0 tps? ninetailedking: nice one ;d ninetailedking: pro ryze ninetailedking: I am just saying nice one ninetailedking: nothing toxic about that xd ninetailedking: Nope ninetailedking: im not the one blaming ninetailedking: and flaming ninetailedking: nah hehe ninetailedking: report top and mid pls Please tell me what I have said wrong so i can prevent future punishments. Oh and btw, the enemy was quite vulgar towards me. After the game one of them added me so he could tell me he received a "report feedback table" and was curious whether i was banned or not. But even though I reported him too I have NOT received a report feedback table.... what is this?
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