I was harassed by a group of 4 players!

Even though I'm not the perfect player I don't think i deserve to be harrased for no reason. All started when i tryed to play a normal game, I've encountered a group of 4 premades and one of them instalocked on the lane i was calling for. I know this may look stupid for you but that instalock was not the problem I want to talk about. The harass that came after I complained decently. And after they tilted me and gave up at that game by surrending it happened that I've encountered them another time. This time they went all {{summoner:1}} and {{summoner:6}} , feeded and trolling me again, and I mean one of them came on my lane adn forced me too switch it. I forgot to mention that in the second game we had no jungle. I just want to blieve that you will at least give them a warning since either way they won't stop doing such things. PS. Sorry for my english, and for some reasons that games are missing from my match history but im going to show you some screenshots : https://ibb.co/fBGFZ6 https://ibb.co/mQoJnR
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