Is this actually permaban worthy?

I'm just wondering if i'm actually too toxic for this game xd imo these games are just me getting flamed by premades and me trying to defend myself. (and they were premades!) All these chats are from normal games btw. Also take into consideration I play a lot of games so higher chance to get games with toxic premades that flame without reason than you. Pre Game Lobby: Volter98: HE DIDNT ; ) ;) ;) In Game: Volter98: gotta go to the toilet real quick [All]Volter98: tried to give you a hug [All]Volter98: then you hit me [All]Volter98: then you died Volter98: greedy meee Volter98: me? xd Volter98: you fed him 2 times Volter98: im plat 3 you are? Volter98: or maybe not Volter98: just my acc Volter98: you'll see it's not boosted Volter98: i play ur champ in plat Volter98: why are you talking to me Volter98: stupid fangirl Volter98: yup Volter98: and im saying that im higher elo than you so stop talking to me Volter98: ahri idk who the fck you are and i dont care but stop tlaking to me nerd Volter98: Vi i dont think i'm a pro and just think i'm getting flamed be a player worse than me Volter98: and you are worse than me Volter98: since you're lower elo Volter98: and look at my acc if you think i'm boosted xD Volter98: btw this is normal and stop crying now Volter98: i am cry? xDDDD Volter98: nice english Volter98: for a 12YO [All]Volter98: XD Volter98: yoo nerds pls stop flaming me hahahahhaahahahhahaha [All]Volter98: 3 PREMADES FLAMING ME ALL GAME [All]Volter98: PLSSS [All]Volter98: RIOT [All]Volter98: BAN THESE FLAMERS [All]Volter98: lee i swear to god and my mother these kids are flaming me without reason [All]Volter98: they're flaming me i just said i'm higher elo than them [All]Volter98: but w/e [All]Volter98: w/e toxic kids xd Volter98: give me next red Volter98: yo fangirls stop flaming hahahah Volter98: it's honeslty Volter98: too funny Volter98: oops Post Game Lobby: Game 4359953630: Volter98: STUFUFUFUFUFF Volter98: MORGANNA Volter98: WHY THE FCK Volter98: YOU DONT BLOCK HIS Q Volter98: im this close to going afk Volter98: higher elo than you aurelion Volter98: maybe stop talking [All]Volter98: flaming? [All]Volter98: didnt even say she was bad Volter98: ok you flame my mother Volter98: stop talking to me silver :') [All]Volter98: report aurelion from flaming my mother pls ty [All]Volter98: lol they flame me and you report me? xD [All]Volter98: trueee [All]Volter98: like this aurelion [All]Volter98: he's silver im plat xd [All]Volter98: and this rengar lying about me flaming Post Game Lobby: Volter98: 3 seasons in silver Volter98: flaming me
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