Toxicity is extremely high in losing teams. Does IFS detect indirect insults?

By far more than half the ranked games that I lose one or more people are very toxic and/or start trolling. I find that almost none of the fun-mode games (regardless of win/lose) have toxic players. Can Riot's system even detect indirect insults like "Im sorry I offended you with common sense" or "You are really skilled Ill honor you!" (every time after you die)? Why is the toxicity so EXTREMELY high in ranked? And does "please report x" get tagged by IFS? Because I'm so tired of these report threats anytime I fail a lane or like last game I built a spirit visage on Darius vs Kog because I needed the extra heal on my Q and the MR vs his W. But "Report Darius for building spirit visage"... My death screen literally shows that kog is mostly AP damage vs me even though he builds AD. Seriously... I'm muting everyone standard now in ranked at start of match because I feel that Riot's system (Tribunal the same btw) doesn't work well enough.
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