Making the support role attractable.

Hi We all know that by playing Support you need to rely in your team to win the games and this dont provide much confidence for someone to chose to play it in ranked games. We see that the number of supp's avaible to play games in ranked are limited and this increase the queue times for the players that want to play the other roles. Lets be honest, even if this is a team game the contribution that the other roles provide to win games is diferent compared to the supp role. Supp's can provide CC, Heals, Desingage, Engage,... but in the end they need their team to finish the job. Ppl that master the other positions can climb in ranked more easily comparatively to someone that choses to master supp. Leading to this auto fill problem and negative behaviours. I think that for people to start playing support in general and start to enjoy playing it in ranked, it is necessary to take into account the efficiency of the role to climb in ranked. My idea is making the though of playing supp in ranked attractable by increasing the efficiency of the role to climb in ranked, when played by someone that truly wish to master that role. I dont know the best way to do that... The best i can think of, is to play a litlle with the LP earn and lost when someone play support. Increasing the LP when someone wins a game with support. Decresing the LP when someone lose a game with support. Or both at the same time. (Note that i'm talking of small numbers here, maybe 1 to 5 LP) This can be used with the grade system, where someone that gets an S can get a better loss/win of LP compared to someone that get an A or B... I think that the important is to turn a ranked game to someone playing supp more fair considering that supp players also want to climb. If you need some info about why people dont like playing supports, i like this [video]( Note: This is just and idea to try change the mindset off ppl in relation to Supports. If you are Ok with the corrent situation of Supports ignore this discussion.
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