Is this a real ban? or someone misclicked at Riot?

Game 1 Pre-Game springhen: Hi all springhen: do you need me to tank or do dmg? springhen: i dont want to pick a tank then end up being the one with the higest dmg because we have no dmg dealer springhen: jinx, are you good? springhen: so i should pick a tank? springhen: why did you trollpick shaco mid? springhen: is there a reason for trollpicking shaco? In-Game springhen: swap lanes guys springhen: youd ont swap lanes springhen: we lost springhen: they swaped springhen: because they are smart springhen: yeah, bcause im a tank springhen: we can surrender springhen: dont know why we have shaco in a lane springhen: id ont understand the logic springhen: i even asked springhen: please go and surrender springhen: we cant win springhen: we got no top laner iether springhen: we can surrender springhen: and thank you for shaco springhen: we will stil llose springhen: we have shaco springhen: he offers noting in lane springhen: so we cant win springhen: we have no pressure springhen: he has no cc springhen: cant really do anything in lane springhen: i dont understand the shaco pick at all springhen: im tyring to understand it, but i dont springhen: because if idont do them, he will take them springhen: because you have no lane pressure springhen: i cant gank weak lanes springhen: pleased ont talk springhen: no need to say anything springhen: you picked after me springhen: you and your premade set yourselfin this position springhen: they cant springhen: i will repot you springhen: dont talk to me springhen: your reported springhen: by three people springhen: you have losing lanes springhen: you want ganks, its my choice springhen: not yours springhen: dont tlak to me springhen: just because we have two troll premades doesnt mean i wont try springhen: they are on baron springhen: cant let htme have it springhen: ltes run it down mid springhen: nah, i got ulti springhen: sorry., i mean passive springhen: dont talk to me springhen: any other laner would be better springhen: heimer, you have nothing to say springhen: its not the junglers roleto carry you springhen: its not my job to carry ytou, your job is to make sure ytoud ont lose your lane springhen: not me springhen: i ganked the lane that had good players springhen: which is why jinx is ahead springhen: you and shaco are bad players springhen: and toxic springhen: can we just surrender and report the premade top and mid? springhen: you dont know, but they where bot intentionaly asssisting the enemy team by trolling me in the jungle springhen: this is on top of failing their lanes, which i didnt say anything about springhen: dont talk please, thehy can see what you did and did not do Post-Game springhen: please report shaco and heimer springhen: toxic and trolling springhen: they even trolled me in my own jungle springhen: not true springhen: as morgana said, i made the game springhen: you two just trolled springhen: both of you springhen: lost it, but have 16 assist springhen: and 7 kills and 5 deaths springhen: yes, i made it springhen: please go away Game 2 Midlaner that is so bad that he has has 57 cs vs 160 in 18 min, all i say is that he is slow, because he doesnt move to assist against invades, which has a negative affect on me being able to help the lanes. Toperlaner, leave top tower to die against jax, just leave a full health tower for no reason, gives tower first blood. Im supposed to accept being locked in with this mid and top laner and be calm about it? I was not even that toxic, though was flamed throughout the game (you cant see his chat log) Pre-Game springhen: guys i have to be honest springhen: i can not carry 3 losing lanes springhen: if three lanes are losing i am not a diamond smurf springhen: i can not carry 3 losing lanes, im sorry springhen: just want you toi know early so that you dont think i will carry three losing lanes In-Game springhen: leave a ward springhen: kayn is there springhen: BE MORE SLOW AHRI springhen: this trynda springhen: omg springhen: CAN YOU SUCK MORE TRYNDA springhen: IM TILTED springhen: IM TILTED BY HIS SUCK springhen: he dies becaus he sucks then blames springhen: then i gift him a kill and he still suicks springhen: he just suck sufll stop springhen: then leaves the tower to go down springhen: so he can go bot and do nothig springhen: then he comest ot take my blue w hen he is tryunda springhen: all he ends up doing is leshing it for jax springhen: can he be more suckj??? springhen: who is the top laner? springhen: what is this trynda doing??? can someone tell me?>? springhen: 57 cs vs 160 springhen: 57 CS!!! springhen: 18 min in tot he game 57 cs springhen: report this trynda, he is a noob and flames me for his his suck springhen: i dont want to relax i want to surrnder and report you for flaming your team when oyu in fact suck hard springhen: there is a chat log springhen: remember when you suck, need a gank then die, and blame me? springhen: he secure ocean drake, wow springhen: just woiw springhen: i can not show yoiu springhen: its really expected that you udnerstrand springhen: that if you leave the top tower against jax, it will go down springhen: its not me having to explaijn that springhen: i can not show anything springhen: i told you can not carry 3 losing lanes springhen: 80 CS vs 200 CS springhen: why? springhen: what is wrong with my attitude? springhen: i do not want someone who sucks, blaming me for his suck Game 3 What is this actually a report for? In-Game springhen: ward tri bush please springhen: i see springhen: this is the kind of team that does nothing for each other springhen: i dont mind springhen: i wont be gnaking any lane springhen: np springhen: dont ask for ganks springhen: none are coming springhen: well i lost red springhen: bcause you dont want to come springhen: salt because i lsolt red springhen: to shaco springhen: he had red id id nto springhen: so he got fb springhen: i wont contest, id onty count on you to help anyway springhen: you dont get it springhen: he actually left you because your no threat springhen: 0/4/1 springhen: and he is cocky too springhen: im not trolling at all springhen: i think your trolling springhen: i think its trolling to not help the jungler springhen: nore did you go there when i asked you to springhen: for? springhen: im sorry? springhen: you talking to me? springhen: you dont want to help , yet you want help? springhen: in this game you get what you give springhen: i got no help in my jungle when i get invaded springhen: and then you want ganks when im behind springhen: please go learn the game springhen: and the rest of the team was standing where they wanted springhen: not where i wanted springhen: mid and top made sure ididnt get myt red at the start springhen: yes, exactly springhen: so im doing what i want springhen: you are entitled springhen: thinking its my job to help you springhen: if ytou dont help me springhen: why should i help you?# springhen: please go away springhen: i do so much for you yet you dont see it springhen: report all you want, there is nothing to report for springhen: tey can see the logs springhen: i ahve done nothing against the rules springhen: you can just surrender if you want springhen: they dont like the fact that i dont help them springhen: when in fact, none of them did anything i asked at the start to enable me springhen: they want their jungler to help them, but them to ignore what he needs springhen: its not how it works in ranked im affraid springhen: its a team game springhen: i tis Post-Game springhen: Did you know i asked malph to go and watch red springhen: isntead he stayed in his top bush springhen: doing nothing springhen: so i lose red springhen: i get counterpicked, then invaded springhen: and team does nothing springhen: im not hte boss springhen: im absolutly not springhen: but you seem to think the worker has to help you springhen: because your the boss springhen: you dont have to help me, but then dont ask for help springhen: it is not springhen: if you want the jungler to help you, you have to enable him springhen: you can not ignore his needs then exepct him to hel pyou springhen: its a team game springhen: the sooner you learn that the better for everyone

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