I'm toxic and I can't stop..!

Every now and then I get into a game where I just can't help but get into a war with the jungler, the support or whoever I feel like I can blame for the reason we're losing the game. If that's you, then you came to the right place! Here are some tips and tricks for surviving what I like to call 'The Tilt Phase'. 1- Let's say you are the adc, the jungler comes to gank as you engage the enemy and just as you are about to get the kill that you worked hard for, the jungler steals it.. -Now, you can go ahead and flame in chat, call your jungler names and start playing worse and make mistakes because you are just unable to focus.. OR Let it go, you got an assist and some gold from the kill, next time you know that he will try to steal your kill so try to steal it from him instead ;) 2- We've all been in a situation where a teammate simply goes toxic and starts calling us names, maybe even troll and just come to our lane and feed our lane opponent. This can be very frustrating as it basically makes the game boring and kills the fun out of it. -Sure you can wish death upon that player and his entire family.. OR you can mute him so that he can spam chat as much as he wants without you having to get bothered by it. Keep farming as you normally do even if he keeps feeding because if you lose the game you can just report him and he will most likely get banned for his behavior. Meanwhile you train on farming so that the next match you are more prepared for the laning phase :D 3- Final example. We've all had that one teammate that thinks he can 1v5, 1v20 even, and always goes diving only to end up getting burst down by the enemy team. This can easily cause us to want to flame that player. Especially when he keeps doing the exact same mistake over and over and over and over and oooooooooover again. So, you can flame him, OR -You can calmly explain to him what he's doing wrong. Believe it or not, it is easy for us to think that we can take down the enemy team because it is not easy to comprehend how much damage is being dealt and from where. At least this is a big issue in low elo (as is the other examples I gave, I doubt high elo players suffer from these.. or do the?) The above examples are things that happened to me personally. Sometimes I simply have bad games where I lose focus and play bad, only to notice how my teammates start flaming me harder than Donald Trump flamed Kim Jong Un about the nuclear weapons not long ago. I just wish they would instead try to tell me what I should do.. I know it's not easy but it sure is better than to flame because flaming just make more fire... if that makes any sense... Anyways, I'm sorry for the long post. I just felt like I want to share my thoughts with the community in hopes that it would change even one person and make them stop flaming because flaming is just going to ruin the fun. Peace you lovely sweet muffins you <3 {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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