Someone afk for last 20 ranked games(no items too) still go unpunished? When will he get punished?

This is the 2nd post about this player to raise the awareness about this. 1 day after my first post, this guy is still afking in ranked games. Who knows how many ranked games he have ruined in the past? [Check his match history on here]( This guy intentionally picks and ban the champion we declared that we wanna play. Curious of this guy's background, i go to look his match history online. This guy has been afking **20 GAMES IN A ROW** WITH NO ITEMS(score 0/0/0). Without surprise, he is also afking in the game im playing. How can someone like this still go unpunished in ranked games? Its players like this make bronze hell, not the skill level. Please... permaban this guy.
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