I got chat restricted And lost all privileges get key fragments or chest. Cause I flamed degenereate who inted my game. I forgot im not allow flame person who actively tries lose game. Ok riot i see your point. But THe point is Im Going intentionally troll and get banned and create another acc. Its way waster way get honor back At lvl 2 + I will get lvl up chest and skin. Also its so fast to get lvl 30 nowdays so. In this account im going int and troll BEcause your system is very poor designed around people who have to deal with idiots in team. Im tired of all that shit. SO im going TO use this acc to troll why on other pc lvl another acc. Btw report button never work no one i reported got banned. Cant send ticket cause permanently banned there too. Most sadly thing riot never going admit it that their supporting bad players. until riot wont create system that not allow bad player join ranked i will troll Lets see riot how many games i must ruin till i get banned. Sadly i cant proof you cause its shaming name against rules. SO i cant tell idiot who troll my game. you know riot creates system protect those players. Only thing you must do Dont int and dont flame. all other thing to lose game go ahead we will excuse it as bad game. P.S. CAN you riot permaban me on this account so i wouldnt waste time on trolling other or i Must GO AHEAD AND RUIN GAME TO MAKE SURE GET BANNED?
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