Account permanently banned

Ok so i just got out of a game where my top laner was down in cs 26 to 4 he then quit and left the game. My middle laner was down 0/3 and we were losing bad i suggested to my team that we should forfeit as the game wasnt possible to win at all. My adc told me that i should go top laner (I was playing bard) I told him that this wasnt a good idea either as i wouldnt be able to hold off top with the runes and build i had. My team turned in me and i retaliated back never in any of the chat logs did i use a swear word. One player even admitted not to ff just to annoy me. After the game i got the message that my account had been banned. I can honestly see why the player base is falling in this game is absolutely tragic. The funny thing is i watch a lot of league on twitch and see streamers flame and swear openly in game without any punishment. I am asking that you urban my account or maybe permanently just mute my account this way i can mute all players in games as its full of trolls the community is god awful.
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