How do you overcome immature trolls/flamers?

Please don't just say mute.. I'm not crying about players "rito pls m8 i deserve plat but my team" no, fck off. I'm giving you information of what goes down, I'm clearly admitting to losing my cool sometimes and retaliating back at players. I just want some peoples advice on how to avoid this. Flame is something that can truly annoy and throw people off games, so I'd like to know how to MINIMIZE this through MY actions Yo, I really need help. My games recently have just been pure f*cking bad luck. I've ended the games with decents kda's, farm, overall gameplay has been decent for where I play. But I just seem to get players who are so quick to react to the slightest thing. My current account probably doesn't have the best MMR it could do for this tier, I was once chat banned (for a very tilted day, almost like today), so I'm guessing I have been chucked within a category that matches flamers with flamers.. But that was a month ago, I'd say I've reformed pretty well. I don't know if that's how it actually works, but it sure feels like it in solo queue.. I understand there is a mute button, but I find myself only doing that if they're being annoying and just spamming some worthless garbage. When there is an actual toxic flamer, I can't resist but to just tell the player how it really is outside of the game, my response to a toxic af flamer would be something like this "Seriously, you're being a tool flaming on an online game, we can win if everyone just stop typing" Like OKAY, I KNOW that could trigger people. But honestly, when it's your 4th game in a row where YOU'RE having a good game, but your team is being immature, it's really hard to keep faith in the game AND Riot's report system, if the players are literally in every game. My actual mentality that makes me be as worse as them is when it gets to the point that another player has flamed soooo much, that I myself, lose motivation to win the game. Because my thought process goes like this "If I win, the toxic team mate wins and gets LP, does he deserve that? No." (This happens when flame gets extreme, racism, homophobia, inting, jokes about cancer etc..) but that's where my problem is. I need advice or an insight how you guys would just minimize troll/flame, and IF a 0/12 flaming adc teemo does appear, how do you try win?! Also, when I see that a game is truly over due to flaming, I sometimes lose my cool and that 30 minutes of staying calm and quiet for a f*cking loss just gets me tilted. So some games where a player is truly a c***, I will tell them how pathetic they are (only on very tilted days, as in 4-5 losing streak due to flame and troll) So yeah, advice? Don't tarnish me with the brush of being toxic, I go into every game with the intention to win, where as evidently, I've been matched with and against players who don't want to win whatsoever. SO PLEASE, don't get on your high horse and say I need stop complaining, because I genuinely do enjoy the game and it's mechanics, and when I die, I die for a reason and I KNOW that. I'm never a person who flames my mid laner for not following or SS. It's solo Q, how can I rely on someone who for all I know, could be 10 years of age and in a diaper? Anyway, any help, advice, insight, mentalities, attitudes and actual ways to minimize flame from others, and how can I keep a cool head constantly so I don't end up losing my cool at 40 mins of not feeding, just to lose due a trolls/inters/flamers? TL;DR >Try keep level headed >The game(s) spiral out of control due to flame/trolling >Still focus on my game, get a few picks, get some gold >Flaming still commences >Get flamed for trying to calm people down >Flamed some more >I lose motivation to try-hard and win >I lose >Tilted >Now I'm here >Give me your attitudes and mindsets please
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