Elo Hell - Bronze

I posted a while ago in the EUNE board. I got tons of people raging at me that "Oh, man, sorry but it's you and your fault". But HOW can it be my fault that my team definetly shoulden't play ranked and I don't say they will always be bad, maybe they will get Challenger Rank I, who knows, but I don't think ranked is for them. Me myself played ranked only when I knew that I was ready, then I started ranked. I was literally crying because of how I got 7 W : L 3 in my road to somewhat division and got Silver III, but I got constantly unranked and Bronze V players (LOLSumo), and droped to Bronze V before S7. Now in a new server, I hoped to get something better but nothing and I'm getting sick of it, I like this game so much, but again it's starting kill me and my mood that started good, got first game awesome team and then someone doesn't have a clue what they are doing and lose division my divisions. Who wants to get out together : Beasty2K EUW

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