Why i quit league

Right, so in a ranked game with ezreal mid, i'm not doing too good. I decide to play passive under tower as you do and the jungler and adc decide to push the minion wave up and leave. This goes on for a while and im starting to get a bit annoyed ( also dieing alot at this point ). The lux and jinx on my team decide to flame me for every mistake I make so i reply with can you stfu plz? (i know i should of just muted them but im pretty pissed), they continue to flame me and master yi jungle was starting to shit talk me. I'm really pissed at this point, so i decide to reply to everything they say, i did not say anything harsh and the rudest thing i had said was "fuck you lux". My previous history with being toxic was bad (One 2 week ban) , I would flame whenever we were losing but i was a lot better from previously, so i'm pissed after coming out of a game to find i've been perma banned for standing my ground against three people on my team flaming me for having a bad game. No warning what so ever, just instantly perma banned. Riot really need to fix their system where players are getting banned without any warning and the other players on my team probably had no punishment. Things like this that annoy me about big companies is that they are just power hungry. They are not making the game a better place they are getting rid of the players who were starting to improve.
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