Yo ! Rito ! Implement an option to remove the chat box from your screen !

Simple as that, one check box, and bam, my chat is gone. You see, any interaction with your player base in this game of yours, is dangerous because of the way you judge things and the way you punish players. When people troll you and throw games just because they're mad at you, and when people try to get in your head, you just flip off sometimes and tell a dumb mfer that he's a dumb mfer. And guess what ? You're getting suspended. How about giving me the option to just not have a chat box, to just not interact with other players. You might say oh but /ignore all. Mate, when you get someone that starts trolling in your last promo game just because he got pissed off at someone else for the most ignorant thing ever, /ignore all just ain't gonna stop you, cause you can turn it off from ingame. Give players like me an option to turn off the chat **before the game starts**, **before i get pissed off at your joke of a player base**. **The way this system currently works is like letting someone slap me in the face (troll/int/afk intentionally) and throwing me the option to smack him back (giving me a chat box to tell him how dumb he is) but punish me for using it.** **Just don't give me that option anymore. Or just give perma chat bans to people like me that only flame occasionally and never int, never leave, never afk, never troll.** _**It is so utterly ignorant to see a bunch of players that never int/afk/leave/troll, a.k.a. try their best to play and win the game every time and ban them just because they talked smack to other players that were literally making them lose intentionally.**_ _**WTF is wrong with that logic of yours ?**_
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