Money Grabbing Riot

So, I have been playing league for around 8 months, and in this time, riot have banned me TWICE on accounts i spent at least 50 pounds on, all the up to 200 on one of the accounts. These bans were non deserved bans, as in some games I may have been toxic, but others they quoted I was not. But of course Riot cannot remove the ban. Seriously, having a bot run the banning system is stupid, the bot can't judge like a human can, you find certain words in a conversation, then the bot can see your swearing for example, which could have just been a fun joke between friends. I'll tell you why, Riot doesn't care about the community, the more players they can ban, the more money gets spent on the game. Well no more, you have officially lost my service, After putting 200 hours into league, I didn't think it would end like this honestly, I thought riot was better than that. To further back up my point, Around a month or two ago they upped the prices of RP in the UK, due to "inflation" even though the difference at the time was 0.033 and is even smaller now, forcing us to pay more for riot points, no longer can I buy a 975 skin for 5 pounds, or a 6300 champion for 5 pounds, the prices made sense, but then riot saw a money grabbing opportunity. This is where I draw the line.
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