Unfair: Not based on or behaving according to the principles of equality and justice. This is the meaning of "unfair" now by unfair I am not saying I should be punished too for the following story but hear me out first. I was trying to grind some flex queue to be able to play with friends (I need to add on this that it's probably the worst time/"game mode" to go in solo with the current state of community from afk,trolls to inters and flamers and all that good stuff). and things were going alright I was on my placement matches and was winning since I was placed at bronze 1. I play two games in particular that I got punished for and the story goes something like this: First game- Janna uses ignite incorrectly I asked her why did she ignite, She asks me why would i talk we had some back and forth and she drops the "I hope you see your kids die". That's a really harsh thing to say but it's people on the internet so I don't really get upset I retaliate with nothing too toxic I just said "Go %%%% yourself". I report her after we won I didn't get any instant feedback and proceed to keep playing. Second Game: I get a shaco support and a malzahar mid as premades the guy says "I main shaco support" meanwhile he has 0 games as shaco support not in ranked not in normals. So the guy is clearly trolling we lose the lane i proceed to call him out about that in an aggressive way i might say nothing outside the TOS, then i was called a %%%%%% by malzahar proceeded to say i have no life cause i am plat 4 and i suck for not carrying we had some back and forth but I didn't say anything really harsh. I report them i make a note and proceed to play another game after the game I see that I am chat restricted meanwhile the same Janna that said "I hope you see your kids die" and the same duo that abuse people by trolling because "It's flex you no lifer" (yeah forgot to add that before and I apologize) are still playing the game and that made me think how bad and unfair the system is. If I was chat restricted (in my opinion) these 3 people should take a 2 week ban. Unfortunately I don't record my games with chat to show you guys that I am in the right so I expect you to take what I said with a grain of salt I guess. I need to say this again I AM NOT TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM MY PUNISHMENT I said a lot (not anything bad) and I guess I was punished for spamming but these guys should take a 2 week vacation at best. I am looking forward to see your guys opinion. Edit: Also I am sick and tired of not being able to defend myself if people gang up on me (2nd game) I feel the need to retaliate and say something back it's only humane to do so. At this point I feel like the punishment takes everything out of context with trigger words and amount of words you said during the game...
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