Would replacing permabans with 1 year bans make a difference ?

This is a discussion thread, not a suggestion thread, I'm just curious as to what kind of effect you guys think 1 year bans would have on a player Now I'd like to mention these bans would be bans concerning toxicity, security bans should be handled just as they currently are Here's the questions I have in mind : After a 1 year ban, would the player even come back to his account ? Do you think that player would have stopped being toxic ? If he is do you think he would have stopped by fear of getting banned again, or simply because people change over such long periods of time ? Do you think 1 year bans could be a more forgiving alternative to permabans ? Should a more forgiving "reforming" program be put in place after a 1 year ban ended ? By that I mean some kind of program put in place so that the player can prove that he has changed for the better, I'll talk about my own idea for that below too I'd like you guys to give me your own answers to those questions, and anything else you can think about I'll cover my own answers bellow _____ I think, 1 year bans would actually work, and would be even better paired with a forgiving reform program I know riot believes in players reforming, but giving them 2 weeks just isn't enough most of the time, hence why I think a 1 year ban might make a difference I think most players who have stayed toxic after that 1 year time-lapse wouldn't even come back to that account, simply put cause if they stayed as toxic for a whole year they've probably had many more accounts banned, and that account name has probably been forgotten Some players would still come back to their old account and keep being toxic, but that would just result in another ban not too long after On the other side of the spectrum I can see other players, specially young players, having grown out of that toxic phase and reflected on it over a year I think those players could benefit greatly from such a thing, as their behaviour no longer warrants being banned, paired with a reforming program after the ban I feel like it would be a great way for Riot to show they're willing to forgive players who have reformed, while still being cautious of their attitude tho That reforming program would be something like, over the weeks or so, they would be instantly banned again if they show **any** signs of toxicity, after that they would be put on the same level as players that just finished a 2 week ban, being banned for slight toxicity And after a few month they would be back to being "safe", by that I mean, if they start being toxic again they would be put back on a 2 week ban etc I know some people just won't change, but some people, and specially kids do, hence why I feel like this system could work, being just as unforgiving on players who consistently stay toxic over the years, but giving a chance to people who have grown up _____ Now before you ask, no I haven't been permabanned, in fact I'm not even 2 week banned and have never even been chat banned once I just had this weird idea and was curious as to what people would think of it ____ **EDIT : this post got too much attention, I don't have the time to answer everyone, sorry if your comment went unanswered**

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