Current state of the game: Trash talking players.

Hello community. Im here to tell and discuss about how playing league of legends feels right now when looking at other players behaviour ingame. For background, on solo/duo queue i was diamond 3 on season 5, then stopped playing and ended on platinum due to inactivity (cant remember the rank) on season 6, and after placements for season 7, ended on silver and right now im platinum 4 (climbing up at a decent rate). When season 7 started, i had a little bit of problem adapting to new jungle (my main role), making me perform badly and losing placements, thus ending in silver. Thats not my problem here, and i think it was justified due to my performance ingame. I also understand some players might think i was bad at that time, and i understand that they could be not happy, thats reasonable. You can check on my stadistics that when jungling my % winrate is over 60%, up to 80% using kindred (and as i said, i was performing badly when season started, now im adapted). But since i started climbing from Silver II to platinum IV, like 40-50 % of the games had flamers on my team, generally trash talking to me because i didnt gank when they wanted, or because im not hyper-carrying the game even though their jungler died once, or just blaming me on them dying for whatever reason. I just feel like im fliping a coin to see if im going to get flamed or not. I don´t think its justified at all, my performance has greatly improved and im doing well, taking the objectives (dragons, helping with some ganks and taking down towers...etc). But its just not enough, i get flamed now and again and again. Also happened when got autofilled support (im not complaining about the system, which i think its absolutely necessary), procced to pick tahm kench and they just flame me over and over and over (its not my best lane but hell, its hard when lucian jumps into leona/twitch and when i eat him to run away, he gets spit under the tower right when leona ulties, then flames me for spitting him into leona ulti after he just jumped into them.... ). This has been my experience for over 100 games, and its heartbreaking. Although i have reported all of them, only two of them have been banned (the message when starting the client popped twice) I think that there are many factors involved in this (yes, i assume i can perform badly in some games, but flaming over and over and over cant be the solution). 1. Players. Just....what has happened? Last season even platinum didnt feel like this, its like its full of arrogant kids that think they are too good and deserve to be master or something like that. I just can´t understand how the game has become like this. Is it me the only one with this problem? 2. Game style. I usually play nunu, kindred and previously shaco. Altough shaco has great mobility and i gank a lot, i end up with poor cs, and generally people feel satisfied with that, even if i end up behind...unless the team starts to lose and then flame me for poor cs (even if im 5/1/7, 42 cs, and their lee sin is 4/7/4 94 cs). However, as nunu and kindred, i play for objectives and try to get enough cs to get a decent build, and gank ONLY if i see a good chance to do. They dont have as much mobility as a Lee Sin, Hecarim or Vi would, and i think thats part of the problem. I use champions that cant gank all day with great impact on it, and these toxic people think i literally have no impact on the game(even if i succesfuly ganked other lanes, took 2 dragons and got 7 marks as kindred). 3. Tribunal system. I think the tribunal is not working as intended, and that even though 2! people were banned , there are many out there making the game experience feel bad. Im not even asking for bans, but chat restriction should be applied more often to these guys, i had to mute 2 or more people in my time on over 10 games out of 100....and over 40% of the games had at least 1 flamer (yes, i can mute, but by the time i do im already tilted). That is NOT reasonable at ANY elo. As a counterpart, i had really good experiences too, like 15-20% of the games where we start losing the game, but the team is really positive, use the chat to actually give tips, make strategy, and turn the game from a lose to a win. Makes me remember when i was at diamond and every single game was not decided until the very end, when ff was not an option even if your team was losing 0/5 and someone in your team is already trying to ff at 20.... Nothing more to say here. Have a good day.
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