Soloq players & premades , let's have a talk

*opens up boards tab* *sees 50 new posts regarding dynaq issues* *flips a pillow* {{champion:106}} This has to stop. I have noticed that, lately 70% of posts circulating here on boards are tied to the subject of dynaq, premades, the position and struggles of soloq players in this system etc. And I have noticed many valid points, but also many that made no sense whatsoever, thus I wanted to just give you guys my take on it. So the thing that seems like the biggest issue at the moment, is the constant fear soloq players have, of being matched with 3 or 4 premades, fear of being ganged up on, blamed for anything that goes wrong, generally being flamed for w/e reason, and being left out communication wise due to premades being on team speak, skype or any other type of communication thingy. Ok, so first of all, you need to try and understand, that no matter if your team is made of 4 premades, or 4 randoms the issues listed up there, are very likely to happen in both cases (except the ts, skype thing I do agree with that one), but the fact that people in your team are premade, does not automatically make them some toxic bullies whose goal in life is to torment you. Those 4 went into the game, wanting to win as much as you do. So please, stop viewing people as "oh they are premade, they will prolly flame me all game and suck anyway". The chance of getting 4 randoms who are equally as unskilled or toxic is the same. Being matched with premades, is not, and never will be, a valid excuse, for losing a game or not being able to climb. I have been on both sides here, that is why I feel like I can express my opinion completely unbiased. I went into ranked with premades, sometimes we got that 1 random who would outright flame us from the start of the game for being premade, how we will fail and blame him and many other things, he even blamed the fact that we are premade for everything that went wrong in that game,but we just chose to ignore him and win the game. Then at times we got matched with really nice randoms as well, who we invited to ts with us, worked well with them, and one time I recall even someone having such a nice experience with us that they said "wow not all premades are bad". Then, i went soloq and got matched with 3-4 premades a couple of times, and honestly, not once did I have a bad experience with them. Since I usually pref to play safe and go in only when I am sure it will work out well, they generally never can say anything bad to me, but even at times when I made, very cringe worthy mistakes, all I got was "hmm maybe wait for xy to engage and then you go in", or well mostly tactical forms of advice like that, they never once said anything bad. Idk, maybe I just got lucky, but honestly I had way more negative experiences when soloq was up than now. Point is, both sides have nice and kind players, and on the other hand, the negative flamy kind, but the fact that people are premade, or soloq, those **labels**, do not define them. Both sides need to be a bit more open minded about the other, and this "dynaq crisis" can finally be behind us. Actually, the core of this issue lies in the fact that we devided eachother into sides. Guys, we are still a community, be it playing with premades, or randoms, all those people are still on the equal skill level as you are, regarding ranked elo i mean, so try seeing the bigger picture, this game is not about, soloq climbing, or premades dominating, it's as far as I can remember, a **team** game, where you work together no matter what conditions you find yourselves in. So how about we all just stop searching for excuses, and learn to work together in these new circumstances.

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