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I've had my account banned for 2 weeks on the 17th of April, it was a deserved ban, I had nothing against it. Yesterday, May 2nd, my suspension ended. Today I received a permaban after having played 3 games since May 2nd. One of those games was with some friends, 5 premades, I had to go afk because I had to hang out with another friend of mine; the other 2 were solo normals. I have already completed my punishment, so it appears a bit excessive that a single game escalates it so fast, it seemed extreme. I'll give you the chat log, I don't want to hide anything, I want an objective response with all the information needed. My account is Zarthanian in the EUW server. Here is the beginning of the chat log that I received in my e-mail: kma lmao called passive dude lmao lmao where the fuck are they fuck this fuckin shit FUCKING SORAKA nice dude careful lol this se zed* 10 secs push top I SAID PUSH TOP YOU INBRED are you retarded? just wondering whta the fuck OK BYE BYE this zed is straight up garbage so why the fuck do you play zed if you have no fucking idea how t to you useless fuck cant even ks pathetic shhh imma leave mid open if you dont defend you bunch of fucks the zed god there it is yeah right nice excuse realize you're trash lmao lmao you're a joke yeah right keep believing that nice mechanics LMAO just like irl I guess you need help seek some bye bye ^^ dude just stfu you mean you cant fucking go 1 sc 5 wow you gotta be pretty smart fuck this you're always tilted 'cause you realize you cannot plau play this shit so you use excuses so hide in a cave and dont play ranked - End of the chat log.

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