Sudden permanent ban. Is there a customer support number?

Greetings all, I found my LoL account permanently suspended on the 11 January 2016 apparently for use of third party programs. I've sent a ticket to appeal the ban and this was the final reply. > Greetings Summoner, > > I can understand that this account means a lot to you so I looked again into this case. Upon my investigation I have observed that it was involved with usage of an exploit that gave it an unfair advantage over others with the game. We view the usage of exploits that offer an unfair advantage over others to be a violation of the Terms of Use as it destroys the game experience for those other players. Due to the severity of this action we must remain firm in its decision taken against this account. > > Templar Iytsuna > Player Behavior and Game Support > "Standing defiant in the face of adversity must be tempered with reasoned judgement" I've had my account since 2012 and I mention that I've had no behavior problems or previous bans on my account. I'm really upset by this total lack of transparency with regards to what happened. I saw on the day the ban was issued that someone had logged on my account WITHOUT my knowledge and played some matches. I understand that I'm an idiot for not changing my password in years, but still a permanent ban out of the blue? **I demand justice! **I didn't use any programs, I don't know any exploits and I want to know what the hell was done on my account. I've invested a lot of time on this game and I honestly feel robbed and punished for being a victim. Is there a number I can call to contact support?****
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