I'm losing my mind and its tearing me apart

So while I still enjoy LoL once in a while i find myself in a spot were I'm close to saying goodbye for good. This game has changed over the years in a way that turned me and many others into hopeless frustrated people. It just pisses me off that whatever i do in game doesnt matter. If i try my best or not, if im nice or not. It doesnt matter. Because nowadays there is always somebody to ruin my game in some way. Playing mid and performing good? Cant carry my team cause they already lost hard. Trying to tell them to play it safe? --> STFU you fkin moron who do you think you are i go feed fk u. Playing jungler and trying to help team with ganks. Gank fails? --> FK u jungler you ruined my lane its lost gg ff i troll y u play jungler you cancer go away Pinging to warn allies that enemy jungler is coming? You think we blind you fkin idiot stop fkin ping i report you and mute you. Ally dies 5 seconds later --> wtf why you dont say ss gg you are troll i hope you die Worst part? Trolls and AFK'ers go unpunished and when i play 4 games and cannot hold in my frustration any longer and curse 1 time i get reported and chat restricted. Since league started to make a lot more money and LCS got populair RIOT doesnt give a damn about players anymore. Smurfs are more common than players that are actually at the skilllvl of the rank you are in. Everyone is butthurt and if you try to be nice you just get the finger. What can I do really? I cannot perform better at my skill lvl (atm I am in silver 4 but my skill cap is around S1-G5) But whatever i do or say doesnt change the outcome of the game for me. Pls help

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