Player behaviour in rankeds (especially promo matches).

I didnt know where to put this exactly so it landed here. Does matchmaker use some different algorithm for finding players for you when you are in promo matches? Because i can have most helpfull, teamplaying squad anybody can imagine when im in promo. BUT when i hit promotion matches, its all like matchmakers made a flip to its back, rolled on the ground and made some goofy noises... Literally ONLY problems i had with trolls or people throwing the game on purpose were in my promo matchups. And of course im loosing them, cause its hard to win a match when some people pick jarvan mid "for lols" or go without smite to jungle writing "NEW META LOL!"... People are afking, flaming, throwing racial messages everywhere... promos are nightmare. I think report system SHOULD give priority to reports from people in promotion streaks. especially promotions to higher leagues (example silver to gold).

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