"Help I was banned for X" Forum posts.

People who got banned for some awkward reason shouldn't come to the Forum Boards... I don't get it.. if they know they been flaming and been mad, why make an entire 2 pages post about it.. like 90% of the people on the Forum will ignore your post, 9% will go on your post read it and dislike it. and The last 1% is rioters looking into the post and decides "This post is stupid, he answered his own question or is lying to us" Don't make comments over what happen to you. Sure there do exist moment where you login see a perma ban and no idea what that is (Like when someone hacked you and cheated on your account) But then you should make a ticket not go to this forum and start complaining or discussing some random ban that no one gives a crap about. Just a reminder. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}

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