What's the point of playing ranked when you have unbalance matchmaking and 5 - 8 divisions down!!

First of all i am beyond dissapointed in the matchmaking and with who and what kind of players it match me up...First of all where is the logic to match me up with silver 2 and low gold 4, 5's when i am platinum 4...That's freaking not normal to give me that kind of players and enemy team to have platinum 2 3 players who play same as me and i have silvers who group 4 man mid 30 minutes and trow the game anyways...First of all that's a big issue because i as a normal every day person can make a better algorithm to match same elo with same elo and always has a balance game when you have everyone doing their job done if enemy team is better and same division GG but if i have 4 unplayable ........ from silver gold who dont know to at least buy 1 pink entire game or to group for any objetive exp mid lane entire game sits on mid lane classic bronze silvers and gold players.. Second main issue is the fact that tons of people dont know how to close a game...I as support deal 10 15 k more dmg then all 9 players in game..And i can't carry the simply because they don't know the limits the champions,don't know to push objetives over the kill chase entire game..Even if i have people who have 15 kills they still trow a game because they force wrong teamfights and die 2 3 times and let enemy team come back into the game... There should be a training of at least 50 games to train people the basic stuff how should the ranked be played before you let them even come into the game because what i see game to game only force me to stop playing rankeds...Why to play ranked games when i have unbalance matchmaking:i watch loosing the win games over and over again because people are to unskilled,dont know to think,don't know what to do to finish the game...To zone to siege to do anything helpfull to win a game....With almost 60 % win ratio i am droping more and more not by my fault i do everything i can and more game to game but people you give me in ranked are unplayable and it's impossible to win with them period... I must find a way or at least decent adc to duo if i want to reach diamond this season 1 person who knows to carry a game to win and not these 50 iq game to game players..... Am out.... So frustrated and tilted how can programs and mathematics troll me to death....1910 oxford algorithm my ass

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