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Hello! I am happy to see you reading this page. Recently I have started playing League again. I must say I am deeply disappointed in the system. I had 5 games in a row with players that acts inmature and really don't care about anyone else. These players do not have a bad day, these players even has great games but still they decide to go all "troll", "feed" and "afk" or "leave". This has to stop now! This game has potential of being better. Together as a community we can purge these unfair matchmaking by report these unwanted players. Riot we need your help to assure that their punishment garantue their end of playing in such ways. Don't be afraid of going for harsch treatment. Suspend for longer periods, downgrade level for a certain of time, matchmake inmature with inmature for at least 3 games or more. Do some REAL ACTIONS! They won't stop by default, they don't care about being muted 3 games. They just keep on destroying this community! Together we can make a difference join up against the unwanted behavior. DREVINUM9, "Yes this is my 9:th account because when I was 13 I couldn't figure out how the sign up worked so back then there was like 7 accounts of Drevinum on a france server"
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