WTF are these idiots even allowed in silver?!

so my last 4 games consisted of this...a feeder.. an feeder and an AFK douche.. again feeder!.. then a feeding YI an soraka an then soraka goes AFK like are you Fin serious about this?! how the F are we ment to progress with idiots like this an low LP awards Vs higher loss LPs this is horse S**T ive gone from almost S4 right back down to 0 and ive even had more wins than losses today!!! even worse you allow these players to get into silver its obvious they are not worth that yet screw it we are riot lets give them a chance to screw other players out of thier chance to progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get a grip on this ranked BS im so Fin mad right now these players are allowed to screw the game up for others that actually wanna play an progress!
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