Proposed changes to the punishment system

I wish to propose 2 changes to the current report system. The first will help deal with people who abuse the pre-game lobby and force their teammates to dodge without incurring any penalty themselves. Add a system where if a player dodges a match, they get a notification asking them to state why they left the lobby. Options could include: Queued up by accident Had to leave due to personal issues grieving teammates Client bug Then if you chose the "grieving teammates" option, it would then ask you if you wanted to submit a report for it. The second is to help toxic players identify things they said that other people find offensive. When you report someone for flaming, you will get a copy of the chat log on your screen. You then have the option to highlight sections of the chat that you deemed offensive or toxic, and this information would be included in the reform card in the event of the player getting punished. This wouldn't affect what the IFS did, only notified the punished player of things that their teammates found offensive. EDIT: Just to clarify how I would have the toxic chat highlighting work. We still wouldn't know what words or phrases the IFS considers to be punishable (I agree it's better if the playerbase doesn't know that information), but this system would allow hurt players to communicate with toxic players which parts of their speech offended them. Right now the reform cards just post the entire chat log with no indication about which parts were considered toxic by their fellow players, and sometimes it's hard to tell which specific things offended others.

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