How long has it been since you had 4 non-toxic randoms??

so im at lvl 29, almost done with my lvling up account to face the foes of ranked play... and now that im so close to leaving the world of normals, i look behind me, and retrospect on the journey, and im quite saddened by what i realized.... **i dont think i had a single game with 4 non-toxic randoms during my lvling up proces** and that quite shocks me...... i genuinely cant remember a single game like that, there were some where there was 3 and 1 toxic which we muted or ignored but honestly, a full 4 with no permades and all 4 randoms? cant remember a single one.... So im wondering, am i a trollmagnet, or is this simply what league has fallen to tell me friends, how long has it been since you had a team of 4 non toxic randoms?
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