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Hey everyone First some info about me: Average player, been playing since season 2, reached d4 in season 5, have been on and off League for a couple of years now but I'm not someone who doesn't have a decently spherical view on the game and its community. The reason I made this discussion: I have been meeting so many people who have been aggressive, passive-aggressive, griefers, intentional feeders, trolls, people who say "this is preseason so idc" and then start trolling, people who start spamming question marks on your face after a single mistake, people who don't understand your point of view on a certain (or several) decision(s) and instantly start flaming at you and intentionally feeding or baiting you into fights (that would normally be won) and then backing out so that you die instead and they make you look bad (just to add it to their "fun"). Why on earth is this community so bad? And the worst thing is, having annoying people in a team almost always means a loss even if the team should've won considering the matchup or the skills of the players. And still even after that people just don't want to win. And they flame. How on earth does that work? I don't expect everyone to be a mature individual who teaches people instead of calling them whatever, but at least they can just not intentionally lose a game or make someone's time on this game a mess while they're at it, right? I'd love to hear Riot's view on the topic or several other people's because it's quite apparent that this always gets worse during preseason, and it has gotten steadily worse as years go by. I hope that a way can be found to ACTUALLY change people's behavior in-game. Maybe it'll be more strict rules, maybe more harsh penalties.. I don't know.. Riot's a company and I understand that they can't just ban 10-20% of their potential clients, but something MUST be done... PS, I do expect some "oh you suck that's why people flame at you" comments and my answer to those is that my problem isn't flame towards me, it's a generally bad experience while playing so often that it makes league honestly much less fun than it could/should be. Also muting doesn't work since you lose a big part of the necessary communication to make the experience good and give your team more chances to win. PS No2, I played some SC2 recently and 95% of the people I have played against, and have said more than "gl hf" with, have legitimately been giving me tips so it can't be a "global" phenomenon. Regards, Gatzurion
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