I can't play ranked just because of my main role

Okay, so last season I struggled to get out of bronze (lost 3 promos to B2 due to trolls and etc, doesn't matter, my fault obviously...). I main support, which is basically a bitch who is supposed to do what adc tells him to do and if he doesn't he will flame feed and afk or just plainly suck, and obviously, what adc's do? They think they are hypercarries and flash on enemies while 3mins in and having like 2 farm? What is this? To keep it short(not really), what I am supposed to do? I can't carry with agressive champions in ranked and I do best with support, but most of adc's are salt mines, even though I had few adc's who died few times, still just farmed doing less stupid mistakes and carried me later on, but what can I do about it? Should I just not play ranked at all? (I always ward and etc I just don't think I am supposed to flash with my adc and try to save his stupid ass while dying in process too giving them 2x amount of kills and gold and then also getting blamed for it _**REGARDLESS WHETHER I TRIED TO HELP OR NOT**_). Sometimes I am an asshole, but, well at least in ranked, I am a bit more calm about chat and how we are currently doing until our nexus falls and mostly do not retaliate back with flame but rather say something sarcastic and keep it like that, then I just stop responding and don't mute them or I couldn't communicate with them even though it's quite impossible to do so (opposite of most LoL community I believe...) Any suggestions?{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} EDIT: Thank you everyone for your time, I'll just try to get better :) (JK I DESERVE BRONZE IV OMG MY TEAM NEVER CARRIES ME GG REPORT FEEDERS, TIME TO MAKE MORE QQ THREADS). Seriously, sorry for trashing boards with this QQ thread, bye.

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