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I need to know if this is flame, in my oppinion people just report for no reason but if it is flame I need to know what you guys think. Mail below: Edit: screen proof : 14 Day Behavior Suspension mblu, You have received a 14 day ban following an extensive audit of in-game behavior within recent League of Legends matches. Your peers judged your behavior to be far below the standards of the League of Legends community. Think through the conversation and reflect on your words. League is an intense, competitive game, but every player deserves respect. Read more about the effort to encourage sportsmanlike play, here. Here are some chat logs that were identified as negative by other players in the community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ nah , fiddle gankd 3 times gave him too big of an advantage i got tibb he got 3 ganks before 10 help me come back il;l show u WHY u want to surrender since min 3 why why thanks ive seen mad ppl before, this ww got mad for no reason nobody said or did anything to him reported for what? for losing lane? its normal not a report reason u wanna win all the time? u want ur teammates to win 100% of times? or what dont understand ur logic gp please stop being toxic, gp hook = dead :( disapointing to say the least pls mute this ww.. vayen just follow thresh vayne stay out of the fight untill 2 ppl die, then yopu go in and clean up i got tib silence and cc caught fiddle YAY i got tp ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This type of behavior is unacceptable in this community. When there is nothing good to say, don't say anything at all. As a community, we also don't believe that retaliation is an appropriate response, so in cases where there is retaliation, both players receive penalties. This is the only warning this account will receive. Further examples of toxic behavior can result in permanent closure of your account. **Edit: my account has been unblocked, I didn't receive an e-mail as of "5:24 PM Tuesday, July 28, 2015 (GMT+1)" so if you are in this case, better check your account. Thanks for all the support, and for those who said I deserve it, I guess you were proven wrong haha :)**

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