Explain me this Riot

I had an account lv 167 .. permanent banned 10 months ago... 13 months ago i got the 14 days ban , while i had to wait punishment , keeped to play ,and played much , and after 3 months from the 14 days ban , stoping any past behaviour issues , i got banned permanent for the fact i expressed a bit inappropriate to someone who grief/troll in the sense i tryed to threat him to stop throught telling him about manual submited ticket in case he wouldn't stop , and shared an exemple of an ex singed support who grief and got eventually banned in time.. Let's be honest , i haven't understand and still don't understand why riot asks you to reform in 1 shot , what i mean here , i had 3 months of good behaviour , that means that my toxicity level shoulded be lower not the same... , and taking the fact that the current reseting level is seted to reset at 0 after a long period of time like 8-12 months idk between there.. , i think that dosn't offers enought chances to anyone to reform , even if someone would want that... , is extremly lame that you ask someone who have toxic behaviour problems to run so much time without to do anything wrong , only in order to escape of his toxicity level and don't get permanent banned at first mistake , or to raise punishments in this time . Probably that's the thing you can't explain me , and neither explain me ,the fact that the afk punishments reset in time after you been stoping from leaving games and it does it faster and over time , not instantly in my opinnion , so that means there is something wrong about all of these , and it definetly seems like you hurry to punish people when you actually, don't consider to leave people more chances for them to actually be more positive and learn in time to behave more calm and chill in stressful situations !! , is just my opinnion , i had 3 months throught stressful situations been positive ,and then you just pushed my punishment to permanent ban , because of inappropriate chat logs , cause idk if they could ever be possible considered low negativity , cause toxicity is hard to define it like.. I wait to understand Riot point over this .. , i don't think seems okey to ask someone who have behaviour problems to hold himself so much time clean , is extremly much , and it shouldn't look like this.... Instead let's say you have touch honorable lvl 2 back , you should have the past punishment removed from the stive , because you already passed over and touched a normal level of behaviour.. , is just my opinnion , i mean you can't just put black balls on our names and to don't take back from them at all for a huge amount of time ...
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