Score is everything?

I see to many players crying and caring about someone else score like that score is everything and if you are rusty in lane with a champion they act like they will lose. But maybe happens to win that game with a bad score but at least you dont give up. For example; I end the game with 4/10/15 but I pushed my lane and others, I helped to take dragons, baron, rift and whats important. I saved my adc and support from dying, help the support with some wards and destroy enemy wards. I want to ask. It's more important what I do in game or my score/my kda? It's a reason to flame someone in game for his score and give a shit about how you win the game? Please be nice I'm not a native and I'm so sorry for my bads in my text. Im sorry! Thank if you reply to my questions❤
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