What good is your heart if it doesn't break?

Do you know how big stress to sportsman player unfair conviction can be? Player can die from rage stroke even through game. After his death, nothing is important so far, he lost his life and that game destroyers can easily go unseen without a punishment and they can do it again to someone and you are punished for telling him to stop it. Negative vs Positive 1:0 Many toxic and troll players can go through game with their negative behavior unnoticed from tribunal correctional system and their negativity can't be shown elsewhere. Then you are raging for that and losing your nerves and concentration. Negative vs Positive 2:0 When we are talking about chat log, correctional system can't always see that someone is trolling or intentionally feeding step by step. In that game situation if you are in game with probably 2 kids who got no idea what is happening, and 1 player who doesn't give a damn, then you are left alone in game with one highly negative player to play with. Ofcourse in one moment your brain snaps, and you start to lose your moral. Negative vs Positive 3:0 If you rage at that kind of player by sending him a message that he is bad or you will gonna report him badly you will be severely punished for that, for backing him off in that way to do something good for your team. After lost game you receive one special kind of ban and start wondering whether that negative player's account was fake, just made in purpose for making problems and to bring down his own team? Negative vs Positive 4:0 What to do in that type of situations. How to win a game, if your team is not corresponding to you from start. Is it all left to your hands which means you are doomed or you can try to work out something without raging and secure a victory? Tell me what to do and please tell me in what type of similar situations you have been involved.
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