Permanent chat ban over account.

Hey there, My name is Sosa and i lost my account due to ''toxicity'' according to Riot. All i did was stand up for my friend who was being flamed and i already explained Riot about this but they said we wont lift your suspension so i made an offer they told me to post it in the EUW boards so here i am. First of all, i think banning player accounts wont help them to reform since they will just come back. And imagine if they are high elo players (just like me), and they're being forced to make a new account/smurf. I don't think that's fair for the lower players since they can't do anything about smurfs also as a smurf myself i know how easy those games can be. So i made an offer to Riot to change permanent suspensions into permanent chat ban, i think its a better way to punish these ''toxic'' players since they cant flame/blame their teammates but they can comminucate good enough with the pings in-game. I really think its a better way to reform also not destroying games for the lower elo players. What do u guys think? Share your opinions below :) Cheers ~Sosa

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