Not wanting to change your login name?

Hello everyone! A LOT of us out there are somewhat dissatisfied being forced to change our account names, which is a perfectly reasonable reaction. We're seeing a lot of threads related to this subject, so I thought I'd be a good idea to gather it all up in one place, so that we can forward feedback, suggestions and opinions to Riot in a neat package, rather than a multitude of threads they're unlikely to ever review. If you're affected from this, leave us a like for visibility and a comment so that you have a chance to express your opinion and be heard. *** edit: Some relevant threads and topics * Updating the login name trashed the account [[link](] * [Account reset]( * Official twitter message from Riot [[link](] Something you all need to be aware of. If you have multiple accounts on different servers with the same Summoner Name, make sure to change your main accounts name last, because you're competing against yourself for the name you want. **** *** **Personal update** **Explanation: (Account Name)** tl;dr shitty implementation After the announcement at the event in London, it was pretty obvious that Riot Games a had a lot of interesting stuff planned, and I can see why this Account Name change is required, but the way they've gone about this is absolute rubbish. Looking at it objectively it is a total nightmare. It has all the flaws the previous system had, and all of them are exacerbated because they're trying to combine all the servers. Here's a list of some of the problems. * Accounts cannot be merged, which means that Account Names on multiple servers will clutter up the available pool * Accounts with the same Account Names of multiple servers are essentially competing against one another for the same name. * Players are effectively competing against themselves for the same account names * Accounts which are no longer active for whatever reason (perma banned, inactive, players have passed away, forgotten accounts, deleted emails and so on) clutter up the available global list. * Poor public announcement and explanation means the problems are exacerbated. * There's been no indication that inactive accounts will become available at some point, so the global list of available names are only going to become ever more restrictive.. For me personally, I have 2 alternate accounts I haven't used in 4-5 years, 1 on PBE and, 1 lvl 5 NA account. I don't remember the passwords, I'm not sure which emails are linked to them, and quite honestly they're a nuisance I have no need for. I honestly don't believe this to be my problem. I'm not the one at fault in this scenario, they decided to implement this in a stupid way, so I do not intend to waste my time trying to fix it. Also I am not alone in this, there's hundreds of thousands of players (possibly millions) who have to go through something similar, so why should we all have to spend our time to fix something that should already be accounted for, before rolling out this new feature? ######Posted January 15th.
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