It has been 4 months since my 14-day ban

Hey guys, I just want to give my story about how the 14-day ban changed my behavior in League of Legends and my thoughts about the game now since I pay more attention to the game then before. First of all, I am playing this game since end of Season 3 and have seen a lot of games that went good and bad. What happened over time is that I did not pay attention to other players, was selfish and tried to be this 1v9 person to show off how OP I was and own the world. (not literally ofcourse) Since season 6 I lost the control out of my gameplay and started to be rude against other players, what resulted in a 10 game chatban and 25 game chatban. Still, that time I didn&#039;t give a fly about other players because when everyone is trolling and flaming, so can you, right? Well, that mentality went over when I got my 14-day ban. I was thinking what I did wrong and the answer was simple. Just getting tilted by your team makes you angry and you start to flame right away. After my 14-day ban I changed my behavior, started to be positive every game and I even gifted 2 random persons just because they played so well in the game that they just deserved an extra. But there was also an other side, the side were the toxicity of the game is so big that you literally get frustrated of and even thinking about to quit the game. What happens is that you get premades in your team who think they can carry everything but fail so hard at the end and just spam &#039;ff20&#039; at the end and giving out negativity to other players in team. Or there is an player who thinks there is not a good comp and just says &#039;ban zed&#039; all the time even in-game and feeding to it with 7 kills. Or the moment when it goes so well that the team decides to take everything easy and throw the game for everyone and lose at the end. Yes, yet after 4 years I&#039;m still learning on this game and make mistakes but it can&#039;t be all you who decides the match. Because you have still other 4 players in the team that can influence the gameplay by time. But after all, I improved my behavior that Riot asked me to do otherwise I would lose my account where I spent so much time and effort in. Yes I even spend 950RP to other players just because of their nice behavior/gameplay and yes I try to be this player to have a good communication in the game and try to play with objectives. But what I don&#039;t see is that other players get punished by what they are doing that is a lot more worse than I did in the time and that everyone can do whatever they want, scripting, flaming, trolling or being toxic, just to make other players negative or lose the game. It feels like I&#039;m done with this game, but on the other hand still not because I have faith in Riot Games and it takes time to fix everything up. Yet I will be the player that will contribute League of Legends in a positive way. The only wish I have is that Riot will start listen to its players and that there is something wrong with the current system that it&#039;s not detecting eloboosted players, scripter, flamers, trollers, afk&#039;ers and so go on. Maybe it is, but I personally don&#039;t see a lot changes in that yet. Sorry for my long post but I felt to empty my heart about this game after my final warning. And for everyone who read this, good luck in the fields. <3
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