looking for people to play NORMALS - but we lose in the end

hey I'm wondering if someone wants to play irrelevant normal games with us - just for fun for recording videos etc - the only thing is: our nexus explodes at the end of the game - means we're pacing it to get the most fun out of it because my time is limited^^ I have a bunch of friends that play with me but we wont take objectives after we won a team fight etc etc . . . I am not saying that you HAVE TO LIKE the idea of lowering the mmr or that you HAVE TO play with us (btw most enemies are happily surprised if we do them a favor and ff ♥ and they very often say thank you - it's a positive movement and both sites profit win/win for us and for them <3) so I was wondering if there are more people who do that strat (we've been doing it since season 2 in normals - dont get me wrong :D we're all plats and diamonds or gold doesnt matter ranked is ranked normals are normals^^) if you would like to play with us one day just post your ign down below - I'll add you [EUW] would be nice if we big so big that we just can play customs - I wont read other comments about opinion or what so ever, just post your ign and I'll add you - {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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