Lucian Unchained: Movie Trailer

Lucian Unchained: Movie Trailer
Corki offers to help Lucian find his wife if he accepts to do a favor. They both venture deep in to the Shadow Isles - in search of Thresh and face many familiar faces in their path...
{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ **UPVOTE** }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} - if you enjoyed and want more! *Also please leave a like and do comment suggestions for new videos*! AND DON'T FORGET TO** SHARE THIS VIDEO**! This trailer **stars**: **Lucian {{champion:236}} Corki {{champion:42}} Thresh {{champion:412}} Graves {{champion:104}} Urgot {{champion:6}} Braum {{champion:201}} Alistar {{champion:12}} Lucian's Wife** {{item:3151}}
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